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President’s Notes

03-27-21 MAIN RUNWAY IS OPEN.  / COVID-19 State, County, City personal protection advisory and mandates have been lifted.  It's still a good idea to adhere to all safety conditions for outdoor activities as posted...feel free to maintain proper distance and personal PPE.

Field Status

  • 4/19/2021 – The field is open!

Come Fly With Us!

Main Runway View

Control Line Flying Area

Pilot has a spotter watching out

Darrel w/P-47

GSWAM Supports the Senior Pattern Assoc.

GSWAM is an AMA District-8 Club

AMA District-8 VP Lawrence Harville

Instructor with Future Pilot

Instructor/Club President – Paul Lange

Covid-19 Compliance

“About” Greater Southwest Aero Modelers

The Greater Southwest Aero Modelers, Inc. is a nonprofit organization. Membership is nondiscriminatory and open to anyone who agrees to abide by Club By-Laws. A condition of membership, for insurance purposes, is current affiliation with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). Link to 2021 club membership application:

The address of the GSWAM flying facility is 6903 Randol Mill Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76120. Google Map Link:

The Greater Southwest Aero Modeler’s of Ft. Worth, TX Club is a model aircraft/helicopter club established in 1972.  We are proud to be a diverse group of area residents having seasoned flyers through beginners of all ages.  Interests include R/C sport flying, scale, combat, racing quadcopters, pylon, helicopters, gliders, and control line aircraft. Club membership allows use of the club flying field: 500 feet by 75 feet of golf green quality grass runway, 150 feet of covered area with tables for setting up equipment, water fountain, electricity, soft drink machine, and concession area.

There is a racing quadcopter track for practicing and racing quads and other multi-rotor craft.

Scheduled events throughout the year insure opportunities for fun, light hearted competition and community involvement.

A Monthly Newsletter is emailed to all members with updates on club activities. There is a newsletter archive link to every newsletter printed since 2002:

Field Location: 6903 Randol Mill Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76120 is 2 exits north of US highway 30, on the north side of Randol Mill Road, 0.4 mile east of loop 820 in Fort Worth, Texas . Visitors are always welcome whenever the gate is unlocked. GPS coordinates N 32°46.895’ W 97° 12.361

Club Business Meeting Times and Location: Due the the China Virus (Covid-19) we meet outdoors at a place and time posted on this website.

Membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics is a requirement for membership in the club.

Club Officers


Paul Lange



Vice President

Billy Law




Sonny Coleman




Jerry Burton



Newsletter Editor

Mark Fuess



Field Marshall

Eric Bowman



Please Help Support Our Local Hobby Shops

Roy's Hobby Shop

1309 Norwood Dr Hurst, TX 76053

Roy’s Hobby Shop caters to the radio control hobby and plastic models and model rockets!


8808 CAMP BOWIE W. #110 FORT WORTH TX 76116

Specializing in every aspect of radio control. In business for over 17 yrs and with over 35 yrs of RC experience.. 

Club Member’s Post Area

A Plague of Pigs At GSWAM Flying Facility

A Plague of Pigs At GSWAM Flying Facility

Wild hogs are among the most destructive invasive species in the United States today. Two million to six million of the animals are wreaking havoc in at least 39 states and four Canadian provinces; half are in Texas, where they do some $400 million in damages annually. They tear up recreational areas (like our flying field), occasionally even terrorizing tourists in state and national parks, and squeeze out other wildlife. Recently hog hunter Jason Lippert and his specially trained hog hunting...

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Ed Couch Texas Scale Championships 2021

Ed Couch Texas Scale Championships 2021

The ED COUCH Texas Scale Championships 2021 If possible print and post at your flying site–and send to your club newsletter September 11-12, 2021, Sponsored by the Greater Southwest Aero Modelers, Hurst, Texas. The ED COUCH TEXAS SCALE CHAMPIONSHIPS. Some of the best scale planes and pilots will gather to see who is the BEST in TEXAS. The 2020 TEXAS SCALE CHAMPION is Tim Dickey from New Mexico. Classes for all levels, including Scale Hellicopter, Electric Military, Static only event also,...

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Saturday Flying 8/22/2020

Saturday Flying 8/22/2020

Drove out to the flying field to fly the freewing Avanti and discovered two things wrong keeping me from flying: 1. Brought the battery charger but didn't have the wall power plug cable 2. Brought a carbon wing tube, but brought the one for the A-10. Some days flying just ain't meant to happen. The photo is of Tim's P-40 and Darrell's J-3 Cub. They brought the right gear out to the field .

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J.D. F-86 Maiden

J.D. F-86 Maiden

Freewing F-86 80mm successful maiden in the books today at Greater Southwest Aero Modelers Now onto some aerobatics. Freewing F-86 80mm High Performance RCJETWERX 6s 4000 mAh 45-90c LiPo

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New Member Blog area

New Member Blog area

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