Saturday Flying 8/22/2020


Drove out to the flying field to fly the freewing Avanti and discovered two things wrong keeping me from flying:
1. Brought the battery charger but didn’t have the wall power plug cable
2. Brought a carbon wing tube, but brought the one for the A-10.
Some days flying just ain’t meant to happen.
The photo is of Tim’s P-40 and Darrell’s J-3 Cub. They brought the right gear out to the field .

J.D. F-86 Maiden


Freewing F-86 80mm successful maiden in the books today at Greater Southwest Aero Modelers
Now onto some aerobatics.
Freewing F-86 80mm High Performance
RCJETWERX 6s 4000 mAh 45-90c LiPo

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