2008 Corrected Version




APPLICATION PROCESSING FEE: A fee assessed to anyone joining the club who was not a member in good standing the previous year.

CLUB MEMBER: Shall be an individual in good standing with AMA and the club.

DUES: Membership fees charged to individuals of good standing with AMA to join GSWAM.

EMERITUS MEMBER: An honorary and permanent title granted by the President to a non dues paying member with no gate key, no flying or voting privileges.

FAMILY MEMBER: (1) Spouse of a senior member in good standing (2)  affiliate of a senior member in good standing under the age of 18.  As a flying member, the Family Member must be an AMA member.  The club Secretary will develop a readily identifiable membership card for Family Members.  The sponsoring member MUST be present when the Family Member flies at club facilities.

FEE : Payment required for membership, goods, services, benefits, and privileges.

GOOD STANDING: Shall be a current AMA member who is current in all GSWAM dues and fees.

JUNIOR MEMBER: Shall be a member under the age of 18.

NEW MEMBER: Shall be an AMA member joining the club who was not a member in good standing with the club the previous year.

NLT Not later than.

ODA: Other Duties Assigned.

REJOIN: The act of joining the club after a period of absence of at least 1 year shall be considered a New Member and must pay appropriate fee/dues.

RENEWAL: The act of renewing one’s membership of the previous year and maintaining one’s current good standing status with the club.

SAB: Same As Above.

SENIOR MEMBER: Shall be an AMA member and a club member 18 or older.

QUORUM: (1) 50% of members in good standing in attendance of a business meeting (2) 15 members in good standing in attendance of a business meeting.

YOUTH MEMBERSHIP: Shall be a one calendar year temporary status granted to a minor under the age of 16 who is an AMA member, and is not a GSWAM

family member. No voting privileges. The following calendar year the individual shall be considered a New Junior Member and shall pay application processing dues and fees.


ARTICLE I:   NAME: The name of this club is GREATER SOUTHWEST AERO MODELERS (GSWAM) Fort Worth Texas and may be referred herein as “the club”.


ARTICLE II: PURPOSE: GSWAM’s purpose is to aid, assist, and encourage building and flying of model aircraft.


ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIP: (Amended June 2007)

            A. Qualifications: A member shall be in good standing with Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). Shall pay appropriate dues as set forth in paragraph 3B.

            B. Dues: Dues are non refundable and include a gate key. Dues are as follows:

                     (1) New Member $50 application processing fee, and $100 annually.  New Member’s annual dues shall be prorated semi annually i.e., January through

                    June is $100, and July through December is $50.00. A partial period is considered a whole period.            

               (2) Renewing senior member, $100 annually regardless renewal date.

               (3) Senior citizen, one half of the required annual dues.

               (4) Family Member, $0 for the membership.

               (5) Junior Member, $50 annual dues.

               (6) Youth Membership, $5 annual fee.

               (7) Officers, dues are waived the year following a full term (12 months) in office.

               (8) Emeritus Member shall be permanently designated by the President with dues waived.


NOTE: Dues may be changed by 2/3 approval of a quorum.

C.   Resignation: Any member in good standing may resign their membership by given written notice to the club.  There will be no refund of dues.

D.   Termination: If any member ceases to have the qualification necessary for membership in the AMA, their membership in the Club shall thereby terminate subject to reinstatement upon restoration of eligibility.

E.    Expulsion: This section provides for enforcement of the Safety Rules that are related to flying activities or any other unacceptable behavior by the member(s).  Any individual expelled may be reinstated by a 2/3 approval vote of the quorum  if in the officers’ determination, such individual willfully commits any act or omission which is a violation of any of the terms of these By-Laws, or Rules of the AMA, or which is detrimental to the Club, the AMA, or to model aviation.

F.    Reinstatement: A 2/3 vote of approval of a quorum is required for reinstatement prior to 1 January the year following the expulsion.




(1)   PRESIDENT shall be the chairperson at all meetings of GSWAM when possible.  Shall be the spokesperson to the media in all matters pertaining to the club.

(2)   VICE PRESIDENT shall act in the same capacity as the President when the President is absent.  When the President is unable to serve; the Vice President shall become the President.  Shall be responsible for field maintenance and safety. Will procure Name Badges as requested.  ODA by the President.

(3) SECRETARY shall record the minutes of all business meetings, maintain current club roster, announce scheduled and special business meetings, coordinate with and processes correspondence between GSWAM and AMA as necessary to satisfy AMA administrative requirements, maintains the Constitution, the By-Laws, the Field Regulations, by incorporating any and all approved changes to said documents in a timely fashion, provides membership applications, cards, keys to the hobby shops processing our membership applications, orchestrates the changing of the gate locks on 31 January and obtaining necessary keys to support our membership. ODA assigned by the President.

(4)  TREASURER shall collect all money due to GSWAM (dues, fees, special assessments, donations, contest entry fees, auctions, raffles, etc). Shall pay all club debts and maintain accurate record of money received and disbursed.  Shall make financial records available for all members’ perusal when requested. ODA by the president.

(5)  NEWSLETTER EDITOR shall assemble, edit, print, and mail the club’s newsletter so all members receive the newsletter prior to the next scheduled business meeting. ODA by the president.

(6)  Appointed Officers are Safety Officer, Field Marshall, Training Officer, and the Field Event/Activity Officer.  Each officer shall perform duties commensurate within their office.  Appointments expire at the end of the calendar year.

B. Term of Office: Officers are elected annually and the term of office shall expire at the end of the calendar year.

C. Nominations for the BOD: Nominations for Office shall be made in October.  Nominations may be from the floor or by letter.

D.   Primary Elections: Primary Elections shall be in November using a paper ballot.

E.    Special Elections: Shall be held to fill a vacated office as necessary using a paper ballot.

F.    Quorum: Shall be of 50% of the members in good standing or 15 such members present, whichever is lesser to constitute a meeting.

G.   Recall: A 2/3 approval vote of a quorum is required to recall an elected officer.

 ARTICLE V: MEETINGS shall be on the 2nd Tuesday at 7PM monthly at a place to be determined by the membership.  Special meetings may be called by the President or 50% of the membership.  A reasonable effort shall be made to notify all members of the meeting NLT 3 days prior to the meeting.  Notification shall include date, place, time, and agenda. When possible the President shall preside over all meetings. Minutes shall be recorded and published so all members are aware of the meeting’s out come. Robert’s Rules of Order shall apply during all GSWAM meetings.


ARTICLE VI:  FLYING FIELD is open to all members in good standing. Field Regulations must be followed.  Pilots operating a transmitter on an Amateur Radio frequency must hold a valid FCC Amateur Radio Operator License. An expenditure for field maintenance in excess of $300 must be approved by 2 club officers.


ARTICLE VII: COMMITTEES shall be appointed by the President.  They may be for a special project and terminate upon completion, or they may be for a period of time.  All appointments shall expire at the end of the calendar year.  The new President shall reappoint/reaffirm all committees/appointments by or during February’s business meeting.


ARTICLE VIII: AMENDMENTS to the By-Laws requires 2/3 approval of a quorum.  A reasonable effort shall be made to notify all members of the proposed amendment(s) NLT 3 days prior to the day the amendment will be considered for approval.


ARTICLE IX: MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS, the duration of the club shall be perpetual.  The club may be dissolved with a 2/3 approval vote of the TOTAL MEMBERSHIP.  A reasonable effort shall be made to notify all members of the meeting, to dissolve the club NLT 3 days prior to the meeting.  Upon dissolution of the club, its monies will be transferred to another 502(c) organization, namely the AMA, Muncie, Il.



            1st Violation: 3 witnessing members sign the violation form listing the Field or the Safety Regulation violation and ask violator to *sign the form. Give the form to the Safety Officer.

            2nd Violation: SAB plus a one month suspension of field privileges imposed by the Safety Officer.

            3rd Violation: SAB plus member is suspended by the President until next meeting when, if present, the individual may argue his case to the membership.  Ultimate disposition will be determined by a majority vote of a quorum.  If expelled, the individual must surrender club card and gate key.  The individual may rejoin the club 1 January as a New Member and shall pay appropriate dues/fees.

            Any member receiving a violation form, who directs any retaliation action against the person(s) reporting the violation(s) will be subject to immediate expulsion from the club by the President.  This includes threats, intimidation, physical harm, intentional equipment damage, or other action deemed to be retaliatory by the club officers.

           *If individual refuses to sign the form make necessary notation and a copy of the form will be mailed to the person.

 These By-Laws are in effect and operational until such time as they have been properly amended.  September 2008