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Max Ficken Texas Scale Championships 2022

Started by Lawrence Harville, January 14, 2022, 09:25:06 PM

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Lawrence Harville

It is now official Greater Southwest has registered and approve the Max Ficken Texas Scale Championships 2022 for September 10-11.  Contest Directors for 2022 are J.D. Crow and Lawrence Harville.
Max was selected and will be honored at a presentation on Saturday Sept 10. All the classes will be listed at a later date. So come fly with us have a great time.

Details later. If you participated last year--YOU HAVE TO DO BETTER THIS YEAR.

The 2021 Texas Scale Champion is DARREL ABBY--WHO will be the Champion in 2022?????
Lunch on Saturday
Prize Drawings
and FUN for everyone.
Lawrence Harville