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Title: Park Zone Sport Cub PNP
Post by: Steve Rogers on February 24, 2015, 12:54:40 AM
Just put the little 51" plane together and flew it last week.

I needed something lightweight and easy to transport when I travel. It can be taken apart and put back in the box for transport and may survive the trip when my wife puts my bowling ball on the box.

The only hard part to the assembly was getting the flap rods on each wing bent to the same angle. The plane does not really need the flap option, but for $12 it is a lot of fun.

It is a peppy flier, seems almost scale at a little under half throttle.

The big 3-3/4" tundra tires are really hard and the plane bounces a lot when landing or trying to taxi. I put on some 3" light weight foam tires to see if that will calm it down on the next flights.

I went with the Turnigy 2,000 ma batteries, not sure how long they last, I limited my flights to 10-13 min.

Had at least $50 worth of fun on my one day of flying it.
Title: Re: Park Zone Sport Cub PNP
Post by: Steve Rogers on February 26, 2015, 07:37:50 AM
I got a few more flights on the Cub yesterday.

The smaller, and softer, wheels worked great. The plane did not tip over as much when taxiing with a cross wind.

Played with the flaps a lot. I really like the mid-position set at 17 mm down. That was with the 2,200 mA battery. The book suggests 12 mm, which may be okay for the small battery. The plane will just float around at about 1/4 throttle.  With full flaps, 25 mm, the elevator needs to have the pushrod in the upper hole to give more throw for flair.

Decided to see how long a fresh 2,200 ma battery would last before I got the low-battery warning. Got 25 min with a combination of touch-n-goes, aerobatics, flap operation, and general flagpole flying, etc.