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Title: Lipo Batteries
Post by: Paul Lange on August 25, 2015, 04:47:59 PM
I get lots of questions at the field regarding the LiPo Batteries.....the most common Q&A I address are:

Q: What is the maximum Charge?
A: Usually 4.20v per cell is a full charge

Q: What's the difference between a quick charge and a balance Charge?
A: Quick charge could damage a battery as it could over charge any given cell....whereas a Balance charge will ensure each cell is very closely charged to meet the other cells.....the balance charge takes longer but is much better for the battery

Q: Why should a LiPo battery be discharged for storage?
A: LiPo batteries are OK to hold a full charge for a couple of days....but storing them at full charge will damage them....I have read they may look to hold a full charge but can immediately lose as much as 20% during usage loads....and will puff much more easily...if left at full charge for more than a week or so

Q: What is the proper storage voltage for long term?
A: I find that long term storage a LiPo voltage will I like to set mine for storage at or near 3.85v per cell

Q: Can a "Puffed Battery" still be used
A: Yes but make sure it cools down before the next use...and then monitor its heat and voltage after the next flight of same duration...if its performance less (less voltage at the end of the flight) and is hotter than usual.....that battery may need to be retired from flight usage.

Q: How far do I fly my batteries down to?
A: I like to land with my batteries at or near 3.85v per most circumstances my 1200-1400mm warbirds is a (6) minute flight mixed throttle

A good resource on our LiPo batteries can be read here:

Best Regards,
Paul H Lange