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Title: New generation of larger wingspan Foamie Airframes
Post by: Paul Lange on August 08, 2017, 01:27:07 PM
I am truly an ARF R/C enthusiast.  I don't have the facility to do much more than fiddle and tinker with ARF's.  I have at least become fairly proficient at soldering, pulling small wiring detail through fully assembled airframes, repairing motor mounts, repairing retracts and some degree of painting.  There is always some level of customizing power plants for the electrics such as deploying separate power supply, larger speed controllers and light kits with controllers.

So the Electric ARF experience is largely customizing the retrofit of components or minor repairs resultant of dumb thumbs.

I must say.....the later series larger foam airframes in the 1600mm-2000mm wing span are impressive ....tending to outclass the earlier smaller birds in flight performance and scale fidelity.  What's even more impressive is the newer larger foamy airframes are ridiculously simple to assemble and are most often well suited as delivered for many years of service without requiring upgrades for durability!!

This airframe is a prime example:

Paul H Lange