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Warbirds / Re: F6F-3 Hellcat Build
Last post by dlabby - March 23, 2020, 07:21:01 pm
This shelter in place stuff translates into many hours in the workshop the last 9-10 days working on details added to the primer coat. This includes several panels, exhaust openings on fuse bottom, nav light lens, rear window glass, and a few thousand rivets. Haven't found a good nomenclature guide; I do have some more labels ordered from Callie since I think her 1/6 print is too large. Every day I think it is ready to start painting then I find another day of things that can be done. Here are a few pictures but the details don't show up very well.
GSWAM News / GSWAM emergency meeting notes ...
Last post by Sonny Coleman - March 21, 2020, 05:42:21 pm
ADVISORY: The April monthly meeting is cancelled, scheduled events are suspended until further notice.

Emergency meeting minutes as follows:
Per President request  - an emergency meeting was broadcast to the membership on Friday March 13th 8:30am CDT via FaceBook; a membership email blast sent at 10:42am CDT and the Club Website Chat Room posted at 1:23pm to meet at the club field to address work on the main runway on Tuesday 03-17-2020 at 6:00pm CDT.
The meeting started in the covered pits area promptly at 6:02pm CDT with 30 active members present.
The President provided opening statements to address the reason for the meeting; set agenda and call outs for dedicated members to present information to the membership regarding the main runway, before taking questions and general discussion from the galley.
Former President Darrell Abby provided a summary of current field conditions being unfit for small and large scale aircraft particularly those with retracts requiring adequate level ground...Hogs have ravaged the field necessitating immediate action for grub control.  The club was reminded to methods and volunteerism and member financial contributions of past years that kept the field in shape and offered a plea for addressing the main runway that is in need of major repairs. 
Lawrence Harville presented a plea to repair the field stating the main runway is the anchor to the club and if we were to address the field properly and suffer a couple weeks downtime for repairs, the membership can enjoy a well dressed grass surface well into 2021 and beyond with proper upkeep.  The Scale Masters qualifier and other events can be moved back citing the main runway is paramount to the livelihood of the club, we can always reschedule events but the runway should take prominence over event dates.  Also stating COVID-19 is causing many AMA events throughout the nation to cancel, therefore moving GSWAM events back will have no consequence considering the circumstances.

Lewie Moore presented the main runway has suffered many setbacks in years past with damages much the same or more so our present condition is nothing new and can be easily repaired.  Stage one should be Grub control as soon as weather permits while hog control efforts continue.  The field high spots should be tamped down , then all divots to be filled with yard sand.  No need to immediately top dress the entire field yet.  However, proper measures can be taken as needed with top dressing materials and machinery and labor in order to bring the field back to a unified level surface within reason.

J.D. Crow presented his experience with golf club greens where top dressings are applied as on ongoing regular program with pest control and grass nutrient supplements.  We had garnered bids for options of sand mix and top soils materials delivery and contract labor to spread and level.  A two to three week down time for organic restoration should be expected.  Contractors who visited the field recommended a soil mix distribution and level working with the club as to the extent needed for desired results.  J.D. also reported on a team of hog hunters which use trained dogs to hunt and remove hogs without killing who is ready to visit the field for no cost, but will readily accept donations for dog food.  Members are welcome to join them in the nightly hunts.
President Paul Lange and Mark Fuess validated the city does allow for hunting hog on the 91 acres of land, however due to safety and transient persons along the Trinity River bottoms, which is our property border, a no Fire-arm HUNTING Policy was agreed upon by the membership with a show of all hands.  It was also noted an understanding that in a self-defense scenario should any person encounter a charging beast at close proximity a fire arm kill is permitted.
Tim Lovett also recommended the hog team further communicate to the City Animal control who have set the existing trap and removal of two hogs of our intentions. (This step has been confirmed for go go by the City of Fort Worth animal control) All Clear.  Tim Lovett presented to the membership all comments are welcome and desired for the health of the club, to which the board fielded questions.
David Hill motioned and Frank Rowell seconded to contact the hog hunters as part of our hog control efforts.  A vote was presented with all members in attendance voting in approval to proceed at will.

Paul Lange presented quotes for soil mix materials in at least two grades and at three different amounts at a maximum cost of $4500.00 which included a standing quote for labor and machinery to disperse and level the field.  It was noted the March meeting had previously approved $1000.00 for grub control and field repairs which should be applied to the overall approval dollar amount.  Therefore the board recommended an approval for an additional $3500.00 to be approved and used as needed to complete the field repairs starting as soon as the first steps of grub control and hog remediation are completed, followed by tamping high spots down and a leveling survey completed by Tim Lovett and Frank Rowell to asses the next steps of applying soil material and leveling.  It was noted the main runway would likely require a two to three week period for organic restoration.  Other disciplines of the GSWAM field would not be affected for normal operations.  T.A.G. events and appropriate aircraft may be allowed to fly the East-West grass area from the HeliPort while protecting and staying off of the main runway.

A short discussion with question and answer ensued ending with Mike SanMiguel motioning to approve $3500.00 for field repairs as soon as possible.  Ben Benda seconded the motion for the field repair effort.  A vote was held with all 30 members present unanimously approving the field repair effort expenditure to commence at will.
It was noted and requested GSWAM officers reach out to other area clubs for permission to fly their fields while GSWAM club field is down for repairs.  

UPDATE: Thanks to Jim Little of "Roy's Hobby Shop" and President Paul Lange, the following clubs have confirmed and welcome members of GSWAM to visit their field: Thunderbirds of Lake Benbrook https://fwthunderbirds.org Golden Triangle of Grand Prairie https://gtrcc.org, 114th R/C of Grapevine https://114thrc.org, Texas Wings of Newark (Facebook: Texas Wings RC Flying Club  Please note when visiting any club field be sure to present your AMA and GSWAM club identification, your FAA registration card, and have your FAA number on any aircraft you wish to fly.  All clubs are experiencing weather related closures so be sure to check on line before visiting any field.  All rules apply as Each club has its own unique safety rules and behavior mandates to follow, GSWAM may fly with that clubs membership on site and should vacate the field as that membership vacates.
GSWAM News / The April Monthly Meeting is C...
Last post by Sonny Coleman - March 21, 2020, 02:00:11 pm
Greater Southwest Aero Modelers of Fort Worth emergency meeting notes and ADVISORY

ADVISORY: The April monthly meeting is cancelled, scheduled events are suspended until further notice
Club Events And Activities / Re: Request for Emergency Club...
Last post by Paul Lange - March 20, 2020, 11:58:36 pm
Meeting completed...30 members attended.  Expendature for field repairs approved, Hog control, grub control.

Reciprocal invitation to fly other area club fields during field repairs and subsequent main runway shutdown have been received.

Meeting notes recap pending release in 72hours.

Paul H Lange
GSWAM News / Re: Emergency Club Meeting req...
Last post by Paul Lange - March 20, 2020, 11:58:10 pm
Meeting completed...30 members attended.  Expendature for field repairs approved, Hog control, grub control.

Reciprocal invitation to fly other area club fields during field repairs and subsequent main runway shutdown have been received.

Meeting notes recap pending release in 72hours.

Paul H Lange
GSWAM News / Wes Blair Texas Scale Champion...
Last post by Hellcat56 - March 19, 2020, 07:18:58 pm
Because of C19 virus and field work we have postponed the Championships--It will be September 26-27  Same day as the Control line event--Which will make it an even BIGGER EVENT..

So you have more time to practice--build--and brag about how you are going to WIN your event.

See you there
Details to follow at a later date
Warbirds / Re: F6F-3 Hellcat Build
Last post by dlabby - March 19, 2020, 10:20:12 am
Absolutely correct! Making good use of it. I cut a very small slot at the rear and made a little 'hook' to insert and lift rear of hatch off of the magnets.
Kit & Scratch Builders Forum / Re: A new method to tinn solde...
Last post by dlabby - March 19, 2020, 10:17:10 am
Holy tinn tip, Batman! thank you.
Fun Stuff / Youtube Builds
Last post by Steve Rogers - March 17, 2020, 11:27:20 am
For those of you who are homebound due to the virus and find yourself with nothing to do but talk to your loved ones, you may run out of things to say, so it may be a good idea to check out some Youtube videos.

A good one to subscribe to is HobbyView by Fitz Walker. I just looked at a good build and fly review series for the Hangar 9 20cc P-47 plane.

I used to work with Fitz a long time ago, he's a great modeler and his reviews are very detailed and professional.   

Warbirds / Re: Balsa USA 1/4 Scale Fokker...
Last post by Steve Rogers - March 16, 2020, 04:00:03 pm
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