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Gas engine reviews needed

Started by Glenn Williams, April 23, 2014, 10:31:56 am

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Glenn Williams

Thanks Sonny for adding this tab. This will be a cool spot to discuss engine issues and engine reviews, carb rebuilds etc.

I would like to get some ideas on any gas engines you guys are using (good or bad).

As most of you are aware, I am buidling a P-47 giant scale Top Flight model. I have decided to go with the EME-60 with onboard starter. This will be a place holder for the review of this engine when I get it and have had a chance to see how it performs and the longevity of that engine.

Hope you all can contribute.



What weight do you estimate for the P-47?
Darrell Abby

Sonny Coleman

I too purchased an EME-60 w/electric starter and am installing it in my trusty YA P-47. The EME engine reviews I've seen so far al all positive in nature, so hopes are high for the engine to be a real performer.
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Glenn Williams

Expecting to be around 25 to 27 lbs.

Mark Fuess

I recently purchased several little gas engines: An EVO10cc, EVO15cc, and an OS GGT15. All three run great, but the OS reigns as TOP DOG. Both the EVO's run nicely and will make a fun micro-gassers. The OS GGT15 is a glowplug powered gasoline engine, and it really screams. Just for fun, I bought several of the gas glowplugs and tried them in the EVO's. Surprisingly, they ran great! The engines do run a little richer with a glowplug but it does eliminate all that ignition stuff. That's the good side. The down side is the EVO's do tend to flame out on rapid throttle. Now to circumvent that, either use a slower throttle OR go to E85 gas with a hotter glowplug or electronic ignition. The EVO's really scream on E85.

I've been running E85 for a few weeks now and so far no Ethanol issues yet. I'm expecting something will crop up but right now all my little gassers are producing optimum power on E85 and I haven't had to re-tune any of the engines.

I have a really old Fox Eagle .61 laying around I thought I'd convert to gas, so I bought one of the EVO carbs to adapt to the Fox. One of these days I will make an adapter for it.