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the new "Old Dog"

Started by dlabby, April 28, 2014, 08:41:07 PM

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The new 'Old Dog' made its debut April 22.  It looks great and I'm not sure we can call it the 'Old Dog' any more.  The word is it's more than 15 years old and has been used for engine testing and break-in, a paint ball target among other things.  It has been crashed and repaired several times.  Barry Ponder recently flew it to put some time on a DLE 55.  Becoming somewhat bored, he decided to roll the plane into his hanger for a C-Check (ask an airline pilot or mechanic).  He installed new servos, pushrods, wheels, checked hinges, gear struts, firewall, receiver, reinforced and glued, and gave it an all new paint job.  Thanks Barry.  It should be good for another decade or so for club members who want to do some engine debugging/break-in.

Darrell Abby

Lane C.

Looks great. Might need to secure a deposit on using it. Needs a pilot, maybe. Ha
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Barry Ponder

Hopefully she will continue to be a good test bed with character. She deserved to have a good look and be cared for as a senior citizen.  ;). Barry

harold staats

I didn't know that you were such a talented painter.
Maybe you could help me finish this P-51 Mustang???
The "Old Dog" sure looks good.
Harold Staats

Barry Ponder

Well let me paint your plane with my paint brush and you will be the talk of GSW maybe not the talk you are looking for or the look.  Ha Ha.  For Cut rate painters call Barry's brush. 817 oh cr&p.   ;D


Just in time for a summer fun fly!  The third event is paint ball avoidance........ ::)
Tim Lovett
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Steve Rogers

May 05, 2014, 04:18:52 PM #6 Last Edit: May 05, 2014, 04:22:00 PM by Joystick
Hummm, is "paint ball avoidance" where the peanut gallery gets to shoot at the pilots as they fly?

I have this new 3,500 fps, .50 Cal., paint ball gun I've been working on that needs more testing. I need to keep the paint balls in an ice chest just before I load them in the gun so they hold up under the high velocity, but I don't mind all that trouble as long as I'm having a good time.
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Barry Ponder

You guys are tough as paint balls on ice.  Ha  :)