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Redwing 30cc SBACH build (Orange) by Glenn Williams

Started by Glenn Williams, August 10, 2014, 07:15:04 PM

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Sonny Coleman

Nice plane with nice accessories. I'm interested in how well the Cortex gyro performs and how easy/difficult it is to setup.
When is the maiden flight?

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Glenn Williams

Simple to install. Assign it to a 3 way switch. Set the high and low gains just like setting end points on a servo. Mine is set to hold currently at 40% and low is at 20%. Will adjust as required. Airplane is ready. Waiting on a good weather day. Still need to put some time on the engine


Glenn Williams

Tried to get the maiden in this morning but the wind was too high. Will try again tomorrow

Glenn Williams

Got her maidened this morning. No one was there to take video or pictures of the flight. However Fernando took some pictures post flight.

Proud to say that the plane flew with no trim changes needed. There is a slight pitch up when applying up elevator (will have to check expo etc.).

Engine flew excellent with no bobbles after tuning on the ground.

Very good flying plane. With the Demon Cortex Gyro turned on to low rate the airplane just went STABLE. very excellent performance all the way around. This airplane rocks.


Glenn Williams

I have 2 flights now on the SBACH. Today's flight 2-13-2015 was to see if moving the batteries helped with the abrupt pitch up when applying up elevator gently. So here is the synopsis.

1. Both batteries are at the firewall: When flying today to maintain level flight the plane needed 2 clicks of up elevator.

2. Dual rate was at -20% (Now at -30%)

3. Control throws at the elevator are set to 60% up and down.

4. Plane was still "Pitchy" when applying up elevator very gently with gyro turned off.

5. Since I was airborne, I went ahead and applied "High" rate to the gyro. The airplane "Locked" in to the heading and all that was needed to maintain the heading and altitude was throttle manipulation. No wing rock or side to side movement was noted.

6. Placed gyro in the "Off" position and you can see the airplane being rocked by the wind. Still very flyable and comfortable. However the airplane is being knocked around by the wind and is noticeable.

7. Placed the Gyro in the "LOW" rate mode and the airplane immediately settles down as if the wind has been turned off. Plane feels like it is on rails and flies very nice in low rate mode.

8. Made two touch and goes. One with no gyro and the other with gyro in low rate mode. With the gyro turned off the nose has a very docile downward and predictable descent to touchdown. With the gyro in low rate mode as you turn base to final unless you drop the nose it will stay put. In other words reduce throttle and input a very slight down elevator command or down trim to get the nose to drop. If not it will try and stay level and you will have to work to get her on the ground. Although it is no big deal either way. I prefer to have the gyro on low rate and "fly" the plane to landing. Reduce the workload on cross winds etc. Very predictable.

9. So now to adjustments made today. I left the throw on the elevators at 60% and moved the rod end up to the next hole on the servo side. This reduces the throw and as such, I will need another flight and see where I need to adjust further to get her "Just right".

Love this airplane and engine combo. I take off at about 50 to 60% percent throttle and once airborne and on the downwind leg reduce the throttle to about 10 to 15% and the airplane is happy there for test flying. It also allows me to perform checks as the airplane flies just awesome at that throttle position. Will update when I can. Pictures enclosed. If anyone has input, please feel free to chime in.


Glenn Williams

Got it worked out. Found that the elevators were not moving smoothly and the cause was dual rates were fighting the primary controls. It was my fault as I set the radio up that way. After programming in a new model and I went through a new programming episode. She now flies as expected.