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top flight GS P47

Started by Bill Blamey, February 03, 2016, 10:49:08 AM

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Bill Blamey

Im not sure how my cowl should be installed. I have put the dummy engine in per instructions and went to install cowl and get it where I wanted it and there is no offset built into it. So my question is do I mount it straight with fuse or do I shift the cowl to fit the offset of the prop washer? Thanks

Lane C.

Hi Bill, my put is that unless you have LOTS of down or right thrust on the engine, you can mount the cowl dead straight with the fuselage. Otherwise, it won't look right on the plane. You'll have to make sure the prop clears on the close (right) side and move the cowl forward or back to get good spacing. As long as the prop clears the cowl by 1/8" you should be OK. Best thing is to put the cowl on loose, then play around with either method to see which works best. But, I can tell ya, it's very hard to see right thrust on the engine, but very easy to see a cowl that's offset. The eye just picks up on those things.
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Bill Blamey