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Dynam 1270mm WACO Electric Flyer

Started by Paul Lange, September 12, 2016, 06:23:22 pm

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Paul Lange

September 12, 2016, 06:23:22 pm Last Edit: September 14, 2016, 11:03:38 am by Paul Lange
For anyone interested....this Dynam WACO is a very fun flyer...I am still enjoying mine after about 75flghts with little signs of wear and tear (Except the usual Hangar rash>>>

I suggest adding one or two washers behind the top two motor mounts ....I set up mine this way in the build....in addition to 28grams of weight added to the nose (Placed along both sides of the firewall for the motor wire leads). I also upgraded to an 80amp BESC since I knew I would be swinging an XOAR 13x7 PJN wood prop on the stock motor.

As with most of the Dynam series foamies....decals can be applied with soap and water or - dry direct if you dare! (but why chance messing up?)

My airframe is neutral at all throttle inputs flying at or near a COG of 72mm or higher (aft) from the top wing leading edge.

Mine may be on the heavy side too....but general speaking - the airframe reaches top speed quickly but still has enough thrust to pull a stump out of the ground via 4s 35c 3000mAh LiPo.

I also applied two coats of Minwax Polycrylic Gloss finish after applying the decals and deploying an LED kit (the original LED lights are not worth powering up - I cut the LED's off and soldered on LED's from a kit - thus did not have to rip out the original wiring detail that comes on the airframe)......I also seated a pilot figure to fit my taste.

I used my own stash of nuts and bolts for the wing strut assembly....and consorted with RCGroups.com WACO pilots of how best to install them....here are some photos that show a good set up that works well for me placing the wing struts bottom wing inside towards the fuselage and the top wings leading point inside and rearward point outside their respective mounting points.

It's a good idea to cut out the bottom three spaces in the motor face to allow cooling through the BESC wiring channel as the only other means of cooling is just around the motor spacing which is already pretty tight and close.

I deployed a 4mm nut on the inside of the wheel axle (Fuselage side) to hold the axle in place and also as the proper spacing to keep the wheels centered in the wheel pants.

It's a four Aileron set up so it has plenty of surface control and the tail section is also large so you can dial this airframe up or down to your style of flying.

-Paul H Lange
Best Regards - Paul H Lange