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Dynam Tiger Moth slow flyer with stabilizer and full FPV pan and tilt set up

Started by Paul Lange, April 12, 2017, 11:09:48 pm

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Paul Lange

Thanks to Doug and Bill and David for spotting for me today......I was able to fly my 1st full FPV flights this evening.  Marvelous experience!!  The Dynam Tiger Moth can fly at a snails pace....and seemingly even slower with a stabilizer installed.

The FPV System I installed is excellent and....the 3s 30c 2800mAh LiPo that powers the plane, all control surfaces, the stabilizer, the pan and tilt camera servo pod....lands at 10minutes at or near 3.82v per cell!!

The video as saved on the goggles is no where near the images or video quality you see in the goggles and, the video nowhere near captures the experience of flying from the cockpit perspective.

It took me a couple of passes to gain the correct orientation of the field from the sky......but I was quickly able to pick out markers for visual turn points and get the plane lined up for runway passes in full FPV mode.  I don't recommend pan and tilt mode of the camera to begin FPV.....but viewing what my fellow support crew saw on the recordings when they wore the goggles whilst I flew the plane is excellent.

Taking off and flying via full blown FPV is a hoot and most relaxing, enjoyable.....but landing is very challenging as speed and distance to the ground is difficult to judge right now.  The Tiger Moth lands as slow as any airframe I have ever seen.....so I understand landing even a moderately slow plane on FPV will be a challenge. 

Lifting the goggles away from the eyes onto the forehead for line of sight is an immediate change.....but once practiced is easily executed provided you know where the airframe will be once clear of the face gear.....and the plane is in full view.

I had no idea how fun FPV would be.....and a Tiger Moth with stabilizer is just about as slow and stable as you can get.....perfect for FPV training.

Ya......I am hooked.  Even had my first search mission of a downed plane in the tree line......however it was too dark for the video camera's to see much.  I am certain we would have found it in good day light....using pan and tilt mode as the Tiger Moth barely creeps along the tree line. 

Thanks again for my spotting crew and goggle guniea pigs today......I have three full blown FPV flights under my belt in one evening......yee haa!!

Paul H Lange
Best Regards - Paul H Lange