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Dynam Tiger Moth slow flyer with stabilizer and full FPV pan and tilt set up

Started by Paul Lange, April 13, 2017, 09:45:26 am

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Paul Lange

Yes yes yes - WOW.....extremely fun.....beautiful, relaxing, exciting......to fly FPV

I don't have the words to describe how fun FPV is.....I had no idea.

So I had Doug and Bill don the Goggles as I flew the plane...checking out video range and speed of the plane, flight duration and the whole works of my system for two flights.

Both pilots sat in a chair for their respective FPV full pan and tilt video session...I think both were surprised at the clarity and visual effect....while I marveled at how slow the Tiger Moth could fly....I mean loiter....er hover...er crawl......in other words...the plane flies stupid slow - LOL Yes and landing the Tiger Moth in a gentle headwind with stabilizer.....touches down like a butterfly with sore feet - it's nearly mindblowing slow landing.

I questered David to spot for me while I flew....taking off and getting in the air about 50ft or so and then goggling up....what a treat. I did lose perception of the field simply because I did not know what it looked like from an aerial perspective......after a couple of circuits I was able to mentally mark some ground points to recognize.

The next flight was 100% all in the goggles....take off is a breeze and turns are nice and slow.....one pilot thought I was flying a balloon......I had to power up to at least 35% throttle and fly low over the runway to convince him the plane could in fact make forward progress - LOL

Yes the stabilizer on this Tiger Moth is amazing.....very easy to fly FPV....very relaxing. One new pilot crashed his plane in trees along our fence line during my FPV flight. So the Tiger Moth was immediately dispatched for it's very first search mission.....I was indeed able to cruise the tree line at a snails pace and was able to rock the wings for extended views down below......the pilot then took the goggles from me and placed them on his head as I activated the full pan and tilt on the next passes.....we ran out of daylight. Even though we did NOT find his plane this evening I am confident in normal daylight sunshine....we would have been able to find it.

I also confirmed the set up on the Tiger Moth via 3s 30c 2800mAh Lipo provides around 10minutes of flying....er loitering...er hanging around.....it's amazing.....marvelous....fun.

I hope the video from the goggles provides maybe half of the clarity this system provides......starting to view them tonight.

This is a great set up.......I'll calm down later perhaps.....very happy camper!!!
Best Regards - Paul H Lange