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R/C Eagle: FlyParty slowfly prop 3s 2200mAh flying eagle

Started by Paul Lange, May 07, 2017, 02:05:53 pm

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Paul Lange

May 07, 2017, 02:05:53 pm Last Edit: May 10, 2017, 02:16:39 pm by Paul Lange
For anyone interested in the R/C that I have been flying for years....here is the skinny:

Where to purchase:  Suggest purchasing his power pack set up as it makes it that much easier to complete the bird ready for flight

Here is the build blog via RCGroups.com:

Here is a copy of my model set up that I fly with via Spektrum Dx6 transmitter: See Attachment

There are many copies of this bird which are variations of this original.....I have read where those copies to not fly as well as this original.

COG is critical on this R/C and is marked by a notch on the wing saddle.

Things to make sure you get right:
1. The motor mount
2. The tail feather angle
3. The leading edge trim pieces

1. Use hot glue for the build
2.  Use a hot glue gun with long glue sticks
3.  Deploy the servo control rods in an x pattern....not straight

Flying the bird:
It's extremely light and has massive lift on the wing.....hence wind will throw it around.  The tail feathers are weak - thus will flex at high throttle and high speed.  The aircraft will NOT fly like a sport plane....it's a unique R/C....so allow the wind to beat it around.....you must allow the plane to wallow about.  Resist the temptation to "Force your will" on the trajectory.  In dead air.....you can fly it nearly as a sport plane....however in nearly any winds short burst of throttle best serve corrective maneuvers. 

Take off:
About 1/4 throttle and a light toss straight away.....it's a very easy soft hand toss
Throttle very close to the ground and power off glide until touch down.......you will break the prop with power on at touch down.

Bird attacks:
Once you get proficient at flying this bird.....keeping the wings flat in turns and without losing altitude.....you are very likely to attract buzzards and hawks.  Small birds may gather for group attacks.....even after you have landed.  Bird strikes will not harm this R/C unless they grab the tail feathers.

This R/C can be an excellent thermal hunter:
But the prop must remain free spinning...don't set the ESC for motor brake.....this will not serve you well on landings as the prop needs to spin free and clear as it strikes the ground.

A couple photo's of my servo placement are seen here:

I have found a smallish 3s 25c 2200mAh Lipo provides about 20minutes fight time and enough weight for most wind scenarios

2015 flight video:

Paul H Lange
Best Regards - Paul H Lange

Paul Lange

Sad news about this great flying airframe......it appears that FlyParty is no longer shipping.  I ordered a second bird but had to cancel the order via PayPal who did refund my payment after no response from FlyParty at the 90day mark.

No bird.....no buckaroo's

I really want a second flyer.....so will have to be extra careful with my original bird.

There is an individual who is working on an upgrade to this airframe....based on the size and shape of this FlyParty Eagle.  It will be a different beak and tail feather configuration and possibly pre-painted.  So far the prototype looks to be an excellent R/C in the works!!

Paul H Lange
Best Regards - Paul H Lange