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Kylin goggles

Started by Bill Blamey, June 30, 2017, 02:15:39 pm

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Bill Blamey

Question? Do the kylin goggles pickup racebands? And if so what is the frequency or bands? Im having problems picking up video after I take off with my eachine wizard. I start with a image but it soon becomes snowy. Thanks

Paul Lange

Sounds like it may not be the "Best" video channel.....if your set up has an "Auto Search" it may have stopped at the "First" band it hits..but not the "Strongest" band.  Try to find another video channel and see if it does better.

Also check if your antenna's are matched both left or right....if they are mixed it will cause poor performance.

Check the antenna connection...ensure it is snug down properly on both the Wizard and the goggles.

One more point.....if there was lots of metal between your goggles and the Wizard.......it will interrupt!

Hope you can arrest this gremlin soon!!

Best Regards,
Paul H Lange
Best Regards - Paul H Lange