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One hour flight time via nano-wing Goblin FPV

Started by Paul Lange, February 14, 2018, 11:21:41 pm

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Paul Lange

Reports are in...this little wing (Plank) is able to fly at or near 250grams with full FPV gear.....for around an hour via 2s 3200mAh Li-Io battery.

Small enough to fly through small tight spaces....but too fast for indoor gyms

This could put the hurt on quad flying?

I should have a full report on mine in a few weeks pending set up and weather:

Paul H Lange
Best Regards - Paul H Lange

Paul Lange

February 20, 2018, 10:48:08 am #1 Last Edit: February 22, 2018, 09:52:59 am by Paul Lange
I have just realized....the R/C community has a compact group that has perfected complete Delta Fixed Wing autonomous flight using Flight Controller Boards, GPS tracking and return to home, full stabilization, self righting.

Primarily used for long range FPV, the hand launch Fixed wings are flown by the pilot via FPV......if they lose video - have a chance to retrieve their investment via GPS return home technologies.  The flight controller boards have full gyro that can be toggled completely off, toggled to general stabilization, or toggled into a fully automated flight mode where the vehicle will in fact return to a fixed GPS landing/crash point.

Recordeed Video's are super clean and clear since the latest version of micro-sized FPV camera equipment is dual mode that runs simultaneously:
A. Live streaming FPV
B. HD recorded video

Presently.....it takes an extremely tech saavy person to get this all set up and they they still need to be a decent pilot.  So the "Off the Shelf" toss and fly capable automated fixed wing may never reach the point of mass marketing - unlike the same scenario we have with the Camera Quad Drones.

There are video and reports of Fixed Wing R/C pilots who are flying beyond 2.5miles and kicking on their respective auto-pilot electronics to get the blind vehicle back into FPV range - or all the way back to its point of origin for ....for a controlled smooth belly landing.  Here is a video where the pilot did not go out of FPV range but was flying via LOS (Line Of Sight), full gyro stabilization, HD recording and landing in "Auto-Return Mode":

As stated....presently there is a high level of technical knowledge to get all of the combined systems to work, it's fairly expensive $200-$300.00 for the hardware...then you still need to purchase the R/C vehicle...then be able to fly it.  Ya it's comparable to our present military fixed wing drone technologies but on a micro scale.....

Check this flight out!!

Paul H Lange
Best Regards - Paul H Lange

Paul Lange

I have my ReadyMade Strix NanoGoblin Plank tailess wing set up with Spektrum AR610 receiver, A3 SE Pro stabilizer F/W v1.1, Lost vehicle buzzer, RunCam Micro Swift 2 camera set up with VBatt coming straight off the positive power lead...stock 2s 3200mAh LiIo battery.

Rates set up per recommended 10-12mm Aileron/Elevator with 25% Expo Aileron /30% Elevator. My stabilizer is set to approximately 40% gains on both Aileron and Elevator.

Total All Up Vehicle Weight is at or near 241grams.

It really does sing and zip....pretty fast at WOT...almost too fast being so small to keep up with LOS in a small space (Local Park open space area). I did find the stabilizer had induced oscillation flutter at 75% throttle (probably at or near 70mph or more) but super smooth at or near 50% throttle and less (probably at or near 45mph). I may decide NOT to reduce my stablizer gains since 50% throttle will be more than enough throttle/speed for me to FPV. Not sure there is much reason to reduce stabilizer gains to prevent high speed flutter effect since the little plank flies so well without any stabilzer at all.....I could not tell that "much" difference at lower speeds with or without stabilizer active.

Winds last night 02-24-18 on my maiden were 8mph to 10mph ....handled these winds without a whimper....landing did take awhile for a smooth skid out of a shallow dive power off run out.

Flew for 16minutes....battery still at or near 4.0v per cell ......!!!!

I think I reset my Dominator 3 FPV goggles recorder card after I tried to turn if off....perhaps when I accidentaly power cycled it erasing the 25minute flight.....AAAaarrrrg. So I will have to check and see what the Mobius hat cam recorded....not expecting much since the airframe is so small and the light was all wrong for the field /vantage point I chose to maiden.

It's a very slippery fast Strix and love the fact it sounds like a large Texas mosquito at best and ya you can fly it like a bat....literally.

Hoping to go full FVP today 02-25-18
Best Regards - Paul H Lange