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Roy's Hobby Shop

Started by Sonny Coleman, May 14, 2014, 08:24:45 AM

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Sonny Coleman

Roy's Hobby Shop is a strong supporter of the GSW club and has provided people in Hurst, Texas, and the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area with radio-controlled planes, helicopters, boats, and cars for more than 35 years.
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Lane C.

I recently met the new owner and it appears he will continue to run the store like Pat and Roy. He's keeping the same crew so that will make it a seamless transition for the customer. Glad to see that.
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No doubt about it, Roy's Hobbies is a valuable asset to all us area modelers.  That includes beginners up to experienced.  We will keep spreading the word about Roy's and get some younger blood involved in the these hobbies so they will profit for another 35 years.
Darrell Abby


Always have had good luck at Roy's,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,until this last visit.
Might take a bit of time for the new owner to see just what the customers needs are...

Still a GREAT place for us to visit.

Bill E

Glenn Williams

Roys is a good Hobby shop. It could be a great Hobby shop. Just my opinion but, Roys needs a little tweaking. What I mean by that is this. The models for sale on the shelves need to be upgraded to models that are modern and not only appeal to the younger crowd but the older crowd as well. I would like to see some 3D aircraft like Sbach's MXs etc. Also would like to see more giant scale models. Not only Arf's but kits as well.

Next is building supplies. Again my opinion but would like to see more more cloth other than just the standard 1 yard bag of 3/4 ounce glass cloth, would like to see more options and also would like to see more finishing systems in the store. To include more building supplies i.e. more products.

There are other things that would be nice like the Robart aircraft cradles etc. etc. etc.

I am fully aware that Roys is in transition and of course it is all about money.

Just my 2 pennies worth.


harold staats

The main problem Roy's has in stocking many ARF's, kits and scale products is that it is not possible to compete with the big discounters like Tower and Hobby King on many items.  When Tower offers free shipping no sales tax and then is willing to give  $100 off of any $600 order Roy's can't compete.
Roy's advantage is my impatience, I am willing to pay more for many smaller items rather than wait several days for Tower to ship it to me.
Just my 2 cents worth.
Harold Staats

Steve Rogers

I hope the new owner will listen to the customers, or potential customers, and stock the items that they want.

My family owned three businesses and when a customer asked for an item we didn't carry, we made a note of it and when it was practical, from a business standpoint, we would offer it. Items that didn't move were dropped from the inventory and sold at a steep discount.

I get upset when I see a product that has been on the shelf for 10 years and never sold, all the store has done was change the price tag every year to the new selling price. That space can be used for something that sells.

It ain't rocket science.
Signed: Steve Rogers (As far as you know)
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Lane C.

Roy's ran on a basis of ordering from the BIG BIG BIG Wholesalers such as Horizon and Great Planes. Mostly because what they ordered was shipped FREE FREE FREE. I tried to get them to try other larger outfits but their reply usually ended with "They charge us shipping costs which we cannot make any money off of." So, cannot blame them for that. However, China Hobby has gotten to be VERY BIG competition to Horizon and Great Planes. I would expect that the new owner would make a sizable order because they have lots of popular products such as large capacity Lipo and LIFE batteries, large amperage ESC's, and high output electric motors, that Roy's has never handled, thus, forcing the public to order direct from China Hobby. Not to mention that HC has many other popular RC products. I would also get rid of lots of their inventory as it really is just wasted space in the store when other RC stuff could be sold instead. Plastic models and such do not sell that much and are sold at many other outlets. And so on. I'd like to see Roy's have a much larger selection of Balsa for the plans builders, not just the occasional repair job. Same with fiberglass cloths. They should have it by the rolls and sell per foot. Bulk resins, paints, and thinners, etc, too. I would also include the same points on ARF's from other sources such as Troy Built Models, but ARF's have just about priced themselves out of the market, so, that's not a very good investment for a retailer. Frankly, I think Roy's has suffered from lack of advertising. Of course, the current crop RC guys know about Roy's, but I tell folks about Roy's and they've no clue it's out there. So, there's a few (potential) hurdles for the new owner to think about.
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Just Finished = BUSA 1/4 Fokker DVII
Before That = Meister 118" A6M3 Model 22 Zero


Check this date; if you haven't visited Roy's lately, you should. Al is in the process of remodeling and adding lots of inventory. Yes, there are still some items missing. Supposedly they are starting internet sales also.
Darrell Abby

Paul Lange

Went to Roy's yesterday to pay my yearly dues and get listed for the 2017 gate key.  Wow the shop has really changed and lot's of interesting stuff all around......plenty of excellent stuff hanging from the ceiling too. 

I still cant get over the cheap pricing of a big 78inch wing span or larger gasser for under $400.00 ready to go?  If I were a gasser/nitro pilot...would be hard pressed not to snag one of those

I am now thinking of getting a couple of mine hung up at Roy's for sale.....I am hoping to sell 10 or so planes of mine this year to make room for some larger airframes now.

Paul H Lange
Best Regards - Paul H Lange


Just FYI: Al at Roy's Hobbies hopes to go live with a web site around mid February. May not benefit us locals too much, but I hope he can succeed and prosper. In that sense it would benefit us.
Darrell Abby