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Club Field FPV Channel Strategy and FPV Operations Board

Started by Paul Lange, August 14, 2018, 10:23:01 pm

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Paul Lange

We have an FPV Channel selection board at the club field facing West towards the parking lot attached to the covered Pitts area.

David Cooke spent a lot of time and with Jeff ....to come up with a strategy of choosing FPV channels that would help pilots prevent each other from selecting and using channels that would step on each other.  Two ways improper channel selection can cause issues.

1. Pilots firing up thier respective FPV set ups on the same channel
2.  Choosing a channel that is too close to one that is being used

They used the attached FPV channel by video equipment manufacturs to identify the usual FPV channels that may be available for the eqipment use and set up.  They then strategized FPV channel selections that would space the channels far enough from themselves to help prevent bleed over, thus narrowing down the selection of FPV channels to as few as possible - thinking that no more than 11 pilots would be using FPV at our field for now.

The Idea is for FPV flyers to "Self Police" by using the pins to designate what FPV channels are being used at the field.  Additionally each FPV Pilot is incouraged to set up thier FPV equipment to use only the channels available as noted on the pin board sign.  Move the pin back and forth as needed from the two positions:

"In Use" Yellow Column
"Not Used" Green Column

It's a great start to help our growing FPV community of our club field......so even if you don't fly FPV..... please help point the board out to those that want to fly FPV

-Paul H Lange
Best Regards - Paul H Lange