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Charging larger LiPo batteries 5s and Up - Local Expertise

Started by Paul Lange, February 06, 2017, 01:06:17 PM

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Paul Lange

February 06, 2017, 01:06:17 PM Last Edit: February 06, 2017, 01:11:23 PM by Paul Lange
David Cook and Ed Couch destroyed me this Saturday - LOL - in a good way.....I think.....

I have added more "Larger" electric RC fixed wing aircraft to my fleet.....so I have a desire to fly them more often.  This means I will be more active in usage and charging LiPo batteries in the 5s-6s size.  I was expecting to charge a 6s LiPo on my HiTec multi-charger X4 at a full 6amps on a 5000mAh battery....thus a charge would take about an hour......

Dave and Ed busted that idea....as they informed me the math calculations of the inboard power supply of this charger can not deliver 6amp capability.  This explains why it takes about 5hours to charge my 6s LiPo's.....which makes flying my larger 6s powered RC planes pretty difficult since it takes so long to charge those batteries.  Even charging up before heading to the field.....getting multiple flights in is limited due to the long charging times.  So once I fly all four of my 6s LiPo's out.....I need another 4-5hours to fly again.  Not feasible for me.

Our two electrical saavy fliers proved to me....my HiTec multi-charger X4 charger is only charging at 2amps.....never 6amps.  So even if you set this charger to charge at a full 6amp rate and even when using one port of 4 available....it will only charge at 2.2amps max.  So the charging times of the larger 5-6s LiPo is really long....too long for practical field flying.

Dave Cook continued to school me on a proper portable charging station setup that would provide the "Power" and "Brains" to harness the Watt/Amp ratings required to charge these larger batteries in about 20minutes....rather than 5-6hours at no damage to the batteries.

I was very sad to hear and understand this news....as it's going to be somewhat of an investment to get properly equipped.  However the portable charging station will indeed serve all needs of battery charging and - will enable parallel charging which means it will be possible to charge multiple batteries of different sizes at safe sufficient rates at the same time...should translate to minimized waiting time between flights or even "No Waiting Time" when multiple batteries are swapped for flights.  (Flying a LiPo whilst charging another)

All said - if it weren't for our club members, who have solid engineering skills and understand (FM) Electrical stuff....I'd be increasingly annoyed trying to fly the bigger Electric RC planes that require these larger LiPo batteries

So thanks to Ed and Dave for spending time with me before they headed to the their respective barns this Saturday and doing the math for me.....I really hate it when nature, physics, Electrical Axioms and technology all conspire against me at once.

For those that may find this information interesting....here is a "Portable Charging Station" pre-assembled with all the components, wiring, cables and ancillaries needed to hit the field running as a ready delivered combo package I am considering........gulp:

Paul H Lange

Best Regards - Paul H Lange


Very interesting dialog, Paul. Educational for me. Just goes to show the abundance of expertise within our group. None of us know everything, but there is someone who knows what you want/need to learn. So the key is ask around.
Darrell Abby

Paul Lange


Dave and Ed have the brains to figure out all things LiPo battery electrical in a blink of an eye and retain what they learned.....whereas I on the other hand, need a full year of practical field application to fully comprehend what they have absorbed in nanoseconds.....I need an additional season to remember what I think I learned the first time.

Sorta like the two friends who golf......
My eyesight is so bad....did you see where my ball landed?
Yep, says the partner, but I can't remember where I saw it.

Paul H Lange
Best Regards - Paul H Lange

Steve Rogers

Electronics is not magic, a lot of it is just simple math. E=IxR will get you a long way. I taught it for over twenty years to everyone from 5th graders in Reserve, LA to MIT graduates at LM Aero. I also failed general math for two years when I was in 7th and 8th grade.
Signed: Steve Rogers (As far as you know)
Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.
For Herb: All facts have not been personally verified by me for accuracy. Use them at your own risk.

Paul Lange

Agree Steve, Electrical axiomism and the simple mathematical peculiarities of the charging world can still be a bit cornfusing....especially for those of us who are even more simple than the subject matter.

I think I have learned just enough Watts/Power/Volts/Charge duration information to start venturing into the world of high power parallel charging - GULP

But only after spending a good solid three hours of online discussion/instruction from Dr. Power David Cook.

I have since changed my strategy of purchase for a charging station to facilitate faster charge times of the 6s LiPo that is required for several of my larger electric birds......

My current system takes at least 2.5hours to fully charge a 6s 5000mAh LiPo and nearly all day to get one back to storage balanced voltage 3.82v per cell.  This is not feasible to fly at the field as I would be sitting there waiting for battery charges after I had exhausted the couple of LiPo's I would have charged from the barn if....I started charging at 9:00am in the morning.

However I need a solution only for a narrow specific LiPo as my other batteries (4s) and below are serviced with a full charge via Hi-Tech multi charger X4 in 45min or less.  Therefore, no need to go full blown Defcon 6 as I was heading into......I have since scaled down to this charger combo that will fit my needs and habits just fine for 6s LiPo and....provide ample power to parallel charge everything I have at will...


I am preparing to enter the realm of Electrical Watt Single Power Port Parallelism

Paul H Lange
Best Regards - Paul H Lange