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RCGF 30cc Twin Cylinder Gas Engine

Started by Mark Fuess, February 19, 2019, 06:19:08 am

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Mark Fuess

I bought one of these little RCGF 30cc gas engines for my Aeroworks Profile airplane. So far, it runs like a top. I'm impressed! I can usually destroy a cheap engine in one or two flights. But this RCGF engine is rock-solid. I have 7 flights on it using an under-sized prop and it just runs perfectly. Last Sunday I changed to an 18x10 prop to load the engine more and it just keeps running smooth and cool.

I started out with 87 octane gas and 20:1 oil mix to break-in the engine, then I switched to 32:1 on the fifth tank of gas and I also switched to VP110 gasoline (110 octane leaded gas). The tune didn't change one bit and it starts real easy now.

Mark Fuess

I've since moved the 30cc engine to my Ultra Stick. It has proven to to be an excellent choice. The little twin pulls the stick with authority, and I have added a smoke pump to it.

I have a total of 38 flights now and I still haven't needed to tune it up.