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Toys For Tots Fly-IN 7 December 2019

Started by Chuck Rovell, December 02, 2019, 11:11:19 PM

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Chuck Rovell

GREAT NEWS!  It looks like the weather for our 7 December Toys For Tots Fly-In is going to be great.  Temperature will be 62 with wind SE at 5mph.  It will start out around 45 degrees, but we will have coffee and donuts at around 0800.

Please go out this week and buy some toys to bring to the Marines.  I have been advised that we will have Marines and that they will come and pick up our toys.  The Club is buying four bicycles, but I hope some of you will dig deep down in your pockets and bring a few more.  Some stores are still having toys at two for one or buy two and get one free.  Just remember, toys must be new and unwrapped.

We will be having food prepared by James Keller and his trusty crew.  Serving time will be around 1130.

Please come early and help us set up for the event.

Also, we want to have as many P-40s and Zeros so we can honor Pearl Harbor Day which is Saturday.  All other war birds are wanted as well as all other types of aircraft.  Demonstration flights during lunch time are encouraged.

Chuck Rovell and Randy Mayhew
Chuck Rovell, "Phantom Driver" (Call Sign: "Trash Hauler") (T-37, T-38, KC-97, KC-135, C141A, T-33, F-4, C-141A and B)

Chuck Rovell

Thank you to all that came out and helped make the Toys for Toys Fly-In a great success.  A special thanks to Randy Mayhew who will be taking over the event next year, James Keller for great cooking, Darrell Abby for providing the early morning coffee and Mark Fuess for helping advertise the event in the Newsletter and by email.  Thanks also to all of you who assisted by taking pictures and setting up things and putting everything away at the end.

For the record, the following is the results:
48 Persons attended. (Signed In)
29 Pilots brought planes.
218 Toys brought.
8 Bicycles brought (5 from GSWAM)

For those that attended and flew, it was one of the best flying days for an event at this time of the year.  I am sure older members remember the tarp and heater days with freezing rain and sleet.  It was made special by our president, Paul Lange, who gave "Goggle Rides" to the two Marines present and myself.  I know that they enjoyed it as much as I did.  How far we have come in this hobby in the last few years.  I come from the rubber band escapements and one button transmitter days so I am truly amazed with today's aircraft.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Chuck Rovell
Chuck Rovell, "Phantom Driver" (Call Sign: "Trash Hauler") (T-37, T-38, KC-97, KC-135, C141A, T-33, F-4, C-141A and B)