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The FAA’s Remote ID Proposal for Drones is Here!

Started by Steve Rogers, December 26, 2019, 02:52:59 pm

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Steve Rogers

Has anyone read this?

I would read it, but it is over 300 pages and I can't read any government document that's over two pages without falling asleep. It would take me months to get through something that big. Proposed rules are even more boring, so I may fall asleep after only one or two paragraphs.

Reading around the edges of the document, it looks like we are going to be safe from having to put a $5000, 20 lb chunk of avionics equipment on each one of our drones for a while.
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Lane C.

I am SO GLAD the AMA took care of the FAA years ago and kept them out of our hobby before they got their nose under the tent! Ha. Lane
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