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Where do you buy from

Started by Glenn Williams, January 03, 2020, 05:50:41 PM

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Glenn Williams

Ok all:
       Been out of the hobby awhile, went to Roy's, wild bills, lone star hobbies in Dallas, no one has kits to build. went online (Tower is out or going out of business).

So where are all of you buying kits from?
Also wood etc.


Steve Rogers

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Lane C.

Balsa USA for kits and WOOD. Ziroli still offers kits and short kits. Bates has plans and you can get his kits cut to order. Vendors are on his site.
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Glenn Williams

Mike Kopf

If you want to build a kit, Ebay has just about any option available.
Just about any kit ever made is available on Ebay.
Some of the rare vintage kits are quite expensive but most are reasonably priced.