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Started by Hellcat56, January 07, 2020, 09:23:21 AM

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IT is time for ALL pilots, wives friends EVERYONE to help AMA change the FAA proposals more to what we need to keep America modelig safe.

AMA's stance on the FAA proposal is --just that an FAA proposal it took three years for FAA to develop those proposals and now AMA will work on getting the changes We think should be included.
AMA expects the final version will be years away.

if you are an AMA member-flying at an AMA Field (site) you will see very little changed.

The FAA Proposals will not be as we now know them-The AMA Team is meeting with the FAA almost every week to get us the best compromise bill.
What AMA needs now is for US to contact our officials--AMA sent out a request today 1-6-2020---with links to make it easy to contact congress and FAA--EVERYONE should make the effort to write--WE need large numbers of contact made
One of the FAA propsals is to have remote ID on all planes and register each plane with the FAA--We are fighting these two propsals very hard, and we do think in the end these will not be in the final bill.
The no new clubs and if a club site moves now will be recognized--AMA is in your corner on this an other parts of the proposal

400 ft vertical 400 horizontal
If you fly at an AMA club field (site) neither of these restriction will apply
If you fly somewhere else--farm-back yard these restrictions will apply.
Just recently AMA has met with some clubs, because of their location FAA said 400 Vertical would be inforced--After the AMA-FAA meeting all those clubs had their limit raised to 600+feet

Another point about the proposal concerning Remote ID.
Members at flying sites will not have to purchase any equipment or connect to the network. They can fly within their site boundaries.
Members not at a flying site will either be restricted to 400 feet with the use of an app or they must have on board equipment.
It took the FAA three years to write this proposed rule and the FAA indicates they have about three more years to go. We have about half of our asks in the rule, and will need members to comment to the FAA so we can get the rest of our asks fulfilled.

AMA today has sent out a mass mailing to our members to assist them in writing the FAA .

This is crucial--We must get EVERYONE to make the effort and write--Pilots-helpers-wives-adult children-friends--We need Large numbers to take action

Lawrence Harville
AMA District VIII
Vice President


Lawrence Harville

Paul Lange

January 09, 2020, 10:44:17 AM #1 Last Edit: January 10, 2020, 11:54:03 AM by Paul Lange
Can understand Joshua's sentiments to some degree but on the other hand that community would be completely trashed if not for AMA. Also not stated it's not the FPV Quad Racing community that is the source of the problem....it's the rogue "CAMERA DRONE" in my opinion should be the target of the FAA. None-The-Less we all have to help pull back the FAA....AMA seems to be the only larger group that is able to make the meetings and be successful steering FAA at all. Joshua's video helps to point out some of the dangers in the FAA proposals. We need to hold responses until you are able to pick some points and rebut them. One of which is the 12month cut off for "AMA Fixed Sites" application process. According to the proposal...no new sites can be added after the initial 12month period.  This alone needs to be omitted totally since some fields will be lost due to urban sprawl...thus not even given the chance to find a new safe field. This is WRONG and should be stopped.

This is not acceptable if our hobby is to continue....as urban sprawl eats up land some clubs are forced to find new properties and are SUCCESSFUL in their relocation.  These new sites will not be accepted by FAA under this rule.

The 12month period of "Fixed Site" registrations needs to be removed.

Please remove the 12month fixed site rule.

Here is the link to Joshua Bardwell's tag team wrap up of the FAA rules: https://youtu.be/4E1aEym-1cQ

Paul H Lange

Best Regards - Paul H Lange

Steve Rogers

I hate writing to the government. Everytime I do, my taxes get audited, but I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

Time to break out the crayons.
Signed: Steve Rogers (As far as you know)
Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.
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