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Balsa USA 1/4 Scale Fokker DVII Kit Build

Started by Lane C., March 01, 2020, 08:12:13 PM

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Lane C.

At the Fun Fly yesterday, I had some interest in the kit I am building. This is a 1/4 scale DVII by Balsa USA. I haven't been posting since the process takes a lot of bandwidth from my internet service allotment for every month. So, thought I'd post a few highlights of the build. I have the fuselage with tail feathers, engine, gas tank, Rx, batteries, servos, guns, and pilot installed. I have the upper wing built with SIG wing joiners to allow transport in my truck with the wing in 3 pieces. I am just about done with the lower wing. This is a pretty tricky build as the upper wing is somewhat unusual in the design by Fokker engineer Reinhard Platz. My plan is to have it at the June Biplane Meet, but not absolutely sure it will be finished by then. I can bring what I've got done, though, for show and tell.











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Lane C.

March 01, 2020, 09:34:56 PM #1 Last Edit: March 01, 2020, 09:52:32 PM by Lane C.
Thought I'd show the final paint scheme for the DVII. The 3rd and final DVII for Oberstleuntnant Herman Goring. He liked to be seen as the leader of the "Flying Circus" so he ordered an all white DVII F from Fokker. Herman was awarded the Blue Max for his 21 kills.

GoringWhiteDVII-1 copy.jpg

Another DVII paint scheme I'd love to do is Ernst Udet's mount. He was the 2nd highest German Ace and highest to survive the war. It's been done so many times it's almost overdone. But it's cool. It's known as the DDN paint scheme. DDN = "DU DOCH NICHT!" on the tail end is "NOT YOU, NEVER!" or "NO YOU DON'T!". However, it is more loosely translated "KISS MY ASS" as a taunt to allied pilots. haha.

But, due to Solar Tex going out of business, there is no more iron on Lozenge covering. So, I'm not willing to paint all of those on one by one. Thus, Herman Goring's paint scheme.

A word of encouragement though, Balsa USA is working to get OraTex to develop the lozenge patterns. No word on that happening yet.

Current Build = Ziroli Corsair with 70cc Twin

Lane C.

Got the lower wing finished today. Now with the upper wing, both wings are about ready to begin mating to the fuselage.


Current Build = Ziroli Corsair with 70cc Twin

Lane C.

Felt another burst of energy today and mounted the lower wing on the fuselage. I call this a milestone. Checked the incidence on the tail plane for the horizontal and it's 3 to 3.5 degrees positive. This will keep the model flying level as it goes faster. Flat bottomed wings like to keep climbing as they accelerate.



Current Build = Ziroli Corsair with 70cc Twin

Darrell Abby

This is looking real good. You are moving right along.
Darrell Abby

Lane C.

Darrell, yes, it's beginning to pick up speed. Got a lot done today. Mounted the upper wing which makes this a big milestone. I added the pilot, guns, and tail feathers on for fun pics.




Current Build = Ziroli Corsair with 70cc Twin

Lane C.

March 08, 2020, 03:54:54 PM #6 Last Edit: March 08, 2020, 03:58:19 PM by Lane C.
More done. Got the sub wing mounted long enough to see how she fit in the camper shell. Looks like plenty of room. A few pics with the wings on and on the gear. N Struts on there also. Soon, I can begin covering the model.




Current Build = Ziroli Corsair with 70cc Twin

Lane C.

It was about time to paint Herman the German. So, got out the paints and went after it.

He's wearing his Pour le Merite! (Blue Max)



Current Build = Ziroli Corsair with 70cc Twin

Lane C.

My pilot, Herman the German, required epoxy poured into the goggles to create the look of lenses. I poured it in and there wee too many bubbles which pretty much ruined the effect. So, I painted over the epoxy and made the best of it. Still looks OK, but sometimes you have to make lemonade out of lemons.


Also made some clamps to hold the exhaust tubes which are heater hoses. Kind of an extreme fix for the exhaust, but I have been told it works for a season and then they need to be changed out.


Since there is not a lot of room on top in the front end to add ballast, I made a hatch on the bottom side to hold some diver's weights. Made the hatch cover out of 0.025" aluminum sheet.

Current Build = Ziroli Corsair with 70cc Twin

Lane C.

Still with it! Completed cutting the side panels made of aluminum sheet. Went ahead and fitted them to each side and set them in place with small screws. Later, after covering, the panels will be glued in place. Also added the fairings to the struts and glassed them with Z-Poxy and glass cloth. Did an assembly, less outer wing panels, for grins. Starting to look pretty swell. Ha





Current Build = Ziroli Corsair with 70cc Twin

Darrell Abby

Great progress, Lane. This is looking terrific and really taking shape now. Good pictures.
Darrell Abby

Lane C.

Thanks Darrell, kinda getting excited about completing the bird. Got the left side panel decked out with louvers and small access panels. will look better with some primer and paint.

This is how the plans show things.


My interpretation of things.


Current Build = Ziroli Corsair with 70cc Twin

Tim Lovett

Looks very good Lane!!!!

As far as the heater hose for exhaust extensions are concerned, you cant use the copper water heater connection lines.  They are bendable and will last forever.  That is what is on my P40 and has been flown numerous seasons.  I will post a photo later.

Tim Lovett
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Lane C.

March 15, 2020, 08:06:14 PM #13 Last Edit: March 15, 2020, 08:09:20 PM by Lane C.
Thanks, Tim, she's coming along.

Did you mean CAN use the copper or CAN'T use them?

The reason I used the auto heater hose is because the "copper lines" didn't clear the stand offs. I tried several things before the heater hoses.

I spent all day on the side panels and louvers.  After placing the louvers on the panel, they look pretty rough.


So, spent an hour sanding them down to look like "hydraulic pressed" louvers like you'd see on a car instead of flat wood.


Current Build = Ziroli Corsair with 70cc Twin

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