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The April Monthly Meeting is Cancelled, Scheduled Events Are Suspended

Started by Sonny Coleman, March 21, 2020, 02:00:11 pm

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Sonny Coleman

Greater Southwest Aero Modelers of Fort Worth emergency meeting notes and ADVISORY

ADVISORY: The April monthly meeting is cancelled, scheduled events are suspended until further notice
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Chuck Rovell

I have notified Todd Petty, McDonald's area manager, that we have cancelled the April meeting. They stand ready to accommodate us when we are ready again. Don't forget that their drive through is open for business.  Chuck Rovell 😷

P.S. I pray that you all stay well. Especially those brave members who have been out working on the runway and fighting the hogs.
Chuck Rovell, "Phantom Driver" (Call Sign: "Trash Hauler") (T-37, T-38, KC-97, KC-135, C141A, T-33, F-4, C-141A and B)


Darrell Abby