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Futaba R3008SB Receiver For Sale

Started by Sonny Coleman, June 23, 2020, 05:45:42 PM

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Sonny Coleman

Brand new in the box (never been powered) Futaba R3008SB Receiver $50.00 Bucks 
If interested email me at [email protected].


Bi-directional communication with a T-FHSS Air-2.4GHz Futaba
transmitter using the S.BUS2 port
Standard PWM output ports and S.BUS output ports

Futaba R3008SB T-FHSS 2.4GHz Receiver with Dual Diversity (two)
Antennas and Instructions

Size: 0.98 x 1.86 x 0.56 (24.9 x 47.3 x 14.3mm)
Weight: 0.36oz (10.1g)
Power Requirement: 4.8-7.4V
Battery FS Voltage: Sets up with a transmitter
Extra Voltage Port: 0 70V DC

Not compatible with S-FHSS FHSS FASST FASSTest Futaba systems. Be sure your Futaba transmitter supports T-FHSS
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