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Tarrant County Covid-19 Checklist for Outdoor Events

Started by Sonny Coleman, June 29, 2020, 02:03:44 PM

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Sonny Coleman

The latest guidelines from The Texas Health and Human Services Department for Tarrant county.
Link to web page: https://flygsw.org/Covid.html
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Lane C.

hahaha. Sounds like a page out of the novel "1984" giving instructions on from Big Brother on how to walk, talk, eat, breathe, sleep, deficate, and so on. In other words, how to be a good little COMMIE. Don'tcha love it?

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Paul Lange

?1) You must provide your own Face Mask & Gloves - Mask Required (& possibly) gloves in the food area.
2) There are NOT enough chairs for everyone, bring your own.   Sanitizer Wipes available for club chairs as needed.
3) (100+ people) everyone will be required to wear masks.
4) Safe Distance (6ft) Practice is your responsibility!   
5) Mask are Mandatory in the FOOD LINE.   
6) Sanitizer will be provided at various tables.
Your goal is 100% State, County, City compliance

Paul H Lange
Best Regards - Paul H Lange

Herb Koven

This could be the rallying cry for those 65 years old and older during the coronavirus pandemic:

                             You didn't come this far
                             To only come this far