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Ted White Memorial Fun Fly Pylon Race

Started by Mike Kopf, October 04, 2020, 08:02:05 PM

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Mike Kopf

Announcing The Ted White Memorial GSW Pylon Race.
Date: Oct. 17th
Where: GSW Flying Field
When: 9am till done.
Now is the time to start getting your planes ready!
This is our first off pylon race and will primarily be for fun.
Since this is for fun, the rules are going to be fairly laid back as our goal is to get our feet wet.
Each race will be 10 laps around two pylons at either end of the field. Pylons will be in the hay field set back about 50-100ft from the runway.
Remember: The goal is FUN and SAFE.
Three classes will be raced.
Slow  These will primarily be trainers, Cubs, Telemasters, or anything with flat bottom airfoil. The goal is SLOW to make it easy for newer pilots and those first starting out going around pylons.
Medium  -  These will be your Stick and sport type planes that are not trainers but not racing planes either.
Fast  -  This will be for anyone who wants to go fast. You can race any plane you want in this class but will probably mostly be Rookies and Quickies.Cox corsair.jpg